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Our Story

The Rincon Gaming Commission was established on July 25, 2000. Under the Rincon Tribal Gaming Ordinance, the Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating all gaming activities. It is an independent department, which reports directly to the Rincon Business Committee. The Gaming Commission is composed of five Commissioners, an Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director, and Audit, Background, and Compliance Departments.  We also retain the services of a lawyer, CPA and Information Technology Firm.


The Internal Audit Department coordinates/conducts all National Indian Gaming Commission required audits and any other specialty audits as requested.  This department also in ascertaining the adequacy of controls safeguarding Tribal assets. The Auditor acts as the Commissions’ custodian for the Tribal Minimum Internal Control Standards, Harrah’s Internal Control Standards, Harrah’s Policies and Procedures, Tribal-State Compact and Tribal Gaming Ordinance. Our Internal Audit Department consists of one Internal Auditor.


Our Backgrounds Department regulates the process of acquiring a Gaming License for each applicant, employee and vendor of the Tribal Gaming Operation. The process involves a thorough background investigation of each individual and/or company for the purpose of determining suitability. In addition, the department maintains a database of current and past license holders.  They also run random criminal and credit checks to ensure compliance with established criteria. The Backgrounds Department includes a Backgrounds Supervisor, three Background Investigators and one Licensing Specialist.


The Compliance Department monitors all casino activities, which include observation of customers/employees, and transactions to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Tribal gaming laws and regulations.  The department also investigates, reports deficiencies or violations, and ensures implementation of appropriate corrective action. The Compliance Department has three Compliance Supervisors and six Compliance Officers.

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